Before you choose a side, understand both!

Production Crew

Executive Producer(s): Channing Hughes, John Wayne S. III & Alonzo McCarty
Production Company: Londyn Town Pictures & Clarity Film Partners
Producer(s) : John Wayne S. III , Harvey Clemons Jr & Elanor Jones
Casting Director: Heather Simpson & Shon Middlebrooks
Director: John Wayne S. III
1st Assistant Director: Brent Duncan
Line Producer: Erica Olivarez
Writer: Cess Black & John Wayne S. III
Director of Photography: Colemar Nichols
Location: Houston, TX 5th Ward
Production Status: Completed

Clarity Film Partners, LLC  2013-19

RED ALL OVER is a harsh observation on the reality of senseless gun violence and the toll it takes on an urban community.

Fifteen year-old Red is a sad, lost child on his way to self-destruction.  His hard-knock life is a whirlwind of failure due impart to his neglectful parents Clay, Victor Love (Native Son) and Pat, Donna Biscoe (Hidden Figures, Girl's Trip) battling their own demons. He must also contend with “Big” Chris a school jock and relentless bully who won’t back down.  Red finds comfort in his older brother KJ (Slim Thug), his only friend Rahjer, and the pages of his secret notebook, filled with thought-provoking haiku's and significant views of Red’s poignant life.

Angel is one of Red’s peers in Ms. Neville's, Charmin Lee (Girlfriends, The Inspectors)  classroom at Stevenson High.  Pretty and smart, Angel dates “Big” Chris, although she disapproves of how he treats Red.  Eventually the three students meet on a collision course of disaster which takes the rest of their worlds on a wild ride of self-awareness, betrayal, and overcoming adversity in the face of today’s hard-hitting gun violence issue.

Red All Over is a stark observation into the other side of an often untold story.  Take a look at life through Red’s eyes, and what is seen will never be the same.